Qualitas Medical Assurance

Medco, Tier 1, Tier 2…How do you make that choice?

Under New Civil Procedure Rules –
On April 6th anyone commissioning a medical report on a soft tissue injury must source it via MedCo, the MOJs central hub which randomly allocates medical experts or reporting organisations to cases.

Qualitas Medical Assurance embraces this change. It secures the government’s objective of removing any direct link between the instructing party and the expert or MRO, but it doesn’t mean an end to the efficient administrative procurement of medical evidence so crucial to a personal injury law firms success.

Good business is about making the right choice for you and your client, moreover its about making an informed choice.

In choosing Qualitas you will be taking advantage of unqiue, robust and tested technology – we have invested in the journey so you dont have to.

When things change… even for the better  – it’s often innovation that shines through.

Know your future and choose Qualitas.